Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Shoes and Boots

I like watching shoes.
I like to watch as they come and go.  What a variety of shoes there are! You can see big and small, high heeled and flat, fancy and plain, worn-out and new, expensive and cheap…a whole world of colors, models, and fashions….you can never get bored.

That’s why I like watching shoes.
Some come in bright colored groups that shuffle and mingle and are full of excitement. Others are loners, pacing and lingering. And then there are those who come lovingly in pairs, side by side, polished and smart, dandy and playful, walking slowly, softly, tenderly…

Oh I love watching shoes.
If they could only talk, what stories they would tell! The roads they’ve trodden, the homes they’ve entered, the places they’ve gone too, the journeys they’ve made from one pair of feet to another…..just imagine the life of a shoe!

Hey I just love watching shoes!
One day the boots came. They were only a few, just one or two. They were dark bulky boots.  I watched them at first, but they were boring and dull and all looked the same.

I preferred watching shoes
Then more of them came. They marched, they stomped, standing row after row. Now the shoes hardly came…where had they gone?

I kept on watching.
Then one day I glimpsed the sole of a boot. It had a man’s face stuck to  its heel.

I like watching shoes…..but I don’t anymore.


Ola Abbady said...

I Love the words and the hidden meaning :) beautiful ya Nadia

Nadia said...

Thank you dear Ola for passing by :) I'm so glad you liked it. I wrote it some years ago, but it is still very relevant today and it seems sadly enough that it will remain so for a long time to come.