Sunday, August 31, 2008


She swallowed the last drop of tea and put her cup down. She had drunk it slowly hoping he would have come by the time she finished it. He always came home at this time. She went to the kitchen and rinsed the cup out and laid it to dry on the sink. On her way out she put her hand on the pots on the oven. They were still warm. If he came now it would take just a few minutes to re-heat the food. He always came home so hungry! She went back to the living room and turned on the TV, browsing the different channels. Nothing much today…as everyday. He still hadn’t come. She turned off the TV and went to the window and looked out. His car wasn’t there …or maybe he had parked it further up the street and would walk back home. No sign of him yet. She went back in and sat on the sofa. She picked up the crossword puzzle and tried to work on it. She had always been such a wiz at it but now….why did it seem so difficult?! She heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Oh that must be him!” she thought as she rushed to open the door. She blushed as she saw the upstairs neighbor going up. She quickly closed the door feeling embarrassed. How could she have mistaken his footsteps?? She new their sound by heart as she new everything else about him. She went back to the living room and turned on the radio. She liked the music that played this hour of the day. He loved it too and always listened to it as they had their dinner together. She waited. When would he come? It was starting to get dark now. She felt a cold shiver run through her body and tightened her shawl around her. She rose to her feet and went to turn off the radio. She looked up at the clock… its monotonous ticking throbbing in her head. She felt the familiar heaviness in her heart as the darkness enveloped the living room.

She sat in silence…. as she has sat every night since he left her two years ago……waiting.


Dina El Hawary (dido's) said...

Nadia .. I didn't know you maintained a blog! it is awesome

This piece is very intense and extremely full on emotions .. hurting indeed!

Nadia said...

I'm so glad you like it ya Dina. Thanks for your comments really :)

Loubna Olama said...

Loved this one too; so painfully sensitive. You could almost feel the woman's vulnerability... Waiting... As I was reading I thought her husband was dead and she was imagining that he'd come by because she missed him so much and couldn't get over losing him... and then I read the very last line... Yes, painfully sensitive indeed... Short yet extremely powerful. Bravo ya Nadia!

Nadia said...

Thanks so much ya Loubna, I just saw your comment now...I love what you said about it and so happy you liked it :))